Where science fiction becomes science fact - that is the place Hank is exploring in today’s episode of SciShow. Many inventions we use today were first imagined in stories that described fantastical futures. Hank talks about the origins of four of these: the cell phone, the submarine, the telemanipulator (or robot arm), and the taser. Blast off for knowledge!



"It operates as an image as you walk around it, but it’s also deeply physical. That duality—and the emotion that is brought up by that—is the thing that I am most interested in."
—Erin Shirreff

New film in New York Close Up: Artist Erin Shirreff discusses sculptor Tony Smith as an inspiration for a pair of works: her first video work, Sculpture Park (Tony Smith) (2006), and her first public sculpture, Sculpture for Snow (2011). The latter was commissioned by Public Art Fund for their exhibition, A Promise Is a Cloud (2011–12), at MetroTech Commons in Downtown Brooklyn.

WATCH: Erin Shirreff & Tony Smith Go Way Back

IMAGES: Production stills from the New York Close Up film, Erin Shirreff & Tony Smith Go Way Back. © Art21, Inc. 2013.